First Project…

It’s printed and bound… Phew. Here are some of the spreads. Already spotted some areas for improvement…

20120314-112926 AM.jpg

20120314-112943 AM.jpg

20120314-112951 AM.jpg

20120314-112958 AM.jpg

20120314-113006 AM.jpg

20120314-113014 AM.jpg

20120314-113022 AM.jpg

20120314-113028 AM.jpg

20120314-113035 AM.jpg

20120314-113041 AM.jpg

20120314-113048 AM.jpg

20120314-113059 AM.jpg



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2 responses to “First Project…

  1. Tony Pritchard

    great effort. great cover but the type didn’t need to go on top. the type just needs to be way cooler. could have been a band on / transparent cover with minimal type. the picture editing combined with col type looks good though.

    • Matthew

      Thanks Tony! For what it’s worth I’m not happy with the cover either. It was a bit of an afterthought to be honest. My original idea (which I still want to pursue) was to do something with letterpress to re-create something like that image but I like your other ideas too. Still lots more to be done for the final assessment!

      Type hierarchy is not quite right either. I’m not sure the headings bursting through the hanging line really work. I’ve done it on the verso only so would be interested in your view. There needs to be another weight, size, position for the sub-sections within the Inspiration chapter (Chewing Gum Man, Pothole Gardener).

      Right, back to my evaluation…

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