Structure and the City – Look at your feet!

I came to Friday’s session with a clear idea of my area of research, only for Tony to suggest a bunch of other great ideas to all of us… Numbering the City was what he suggested to me, and that sent my mind thinking along many different lines – post codes, bus routes, house numbers, floor numbers, buildings named by numbers (No. 1 London, for example) – but I still kept coming back to my first thought, which I hope I communicated to you all on Friday…

My premise is this… we are told to “look up” to see the unexpected (click on the image)…

… and to look ahead or suffer the consequences…

… but what do we learn from looking down?

There is communication at surface level throughout the city, some of which serves a useful purpose…

… and some of which serves no purpose at all…

I’d like to explore communication in the city on this horizontal plane to see what there is and how effective it is… A secondary question that I hope my research might uncover is how much can we tell about where we are from looking down?


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